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Founded in 1991 by Cliff Krolick, Back Country Excursions is the first and longest running mountain bike touring company in the Eastern U.S. Cliff started by first promoting eco-biking tours and multi-sport adventures. Mountain biking became the main draw. Cliff’s love of nature and his deep personal conviction that “the quality of human life is directly related to our appreciation and gratitude for the natural community” makes it clear that getting in touch with nature on a mountain bike is top priority around here.

His aim is to share rare and beautiful natural and wild areas with guests while making minimal environmental impact. A portion of the proceeds are donated annually to local environmental causes.

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Since BCE is located in a remote, secluded area in the foothills of the White Mountains, the center is a mecca for mountain biking enthusiasts of all abilities. The rich diversity of trail systems offers exceptional recreational riding, while also providing an excellent opportunity for multi-sport adventures. A fleet of bikes, canoes and innertubes is always ready to go!

Fantastic trails, guided group rides, personal service, and a wide variety of interesting terrain and topography for all abilities is what you can expect.

We’re way off the beaten path so sit back and relax. There’s never any pressure here. This is an informal, relaxed place. Folks come to share excitement, stories, and adventure while enjoying great food and friends in a kindred dirt-riding spirit.

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