30+ Miles of Trails!

All trails are on one large private preserve. Here we run our business and share a recreational easement with the state of Maine and other local users . Through years of hard work we have maintained much of the trail system and serve as a loyal steward of the property. Utilizing strict sustainable practices our trails represent an excellent model of sustainability. For riders that have a sincere interest in responsible trail use we will be happy to guide you for a fee. And for responsible users we also offer a seasons riding pass. Please call or e-mail ahead for trail updates, riding times, and reservations. We can guarantee virtually mud-free trails and lots of great, flowing singletrack, or your money back.

Novice Singletrack Trails (Total 6 miles)

Generally smoother with less roots and rocks or as many elevation changes (less ups and downs). They are fun but somewhat challenging. You have to keep your eyes ahead.

1. Lady Slipper Circle
2. Katy’s Run
3. Boa
4. Anaconda
5. Lower Chef’s Choice
6. Expressway 1

Intermediate to Advanced Singletrack Trails (23+ miles)

These have many more elevation changes, more technical terrain, and require faster response times.

1. Mainline
2. Wild Wild West
3, Half-pipe
4. Back Country Expressway #2
5. Quilted Northern
6. Lumpy Gravy
7. Upper Champion Pond
8. Lower Champion Pond (Highly technical)
9. River-Giver
10. Stinger
11. Moose Bones
12. Cellar Holes